Anaheim Probate Lawyer

When a person dies, his or her estate must go through a legal process called probate. The estate enters Probate Court, where a wide variety of issues are carried out. The deceased's debts are tallied, assets are identified, the will is validated and its wishes are carried out, among others.

But with the complex paperwork, several technical pitfalls can occur. The process can be frustrating and stressful and, in some cases, can take months or years to finalize without the help of an experienced probate lawyer.

23 Years Handling Probate Matters

I am attorney Alan T. Holmes and I have over 29 years of experience handling probate matters in Anaheim Hills, California, and the surrounding cities of Yorba Linda, Orange and Fullerton. If you are an executor or administrator of an estate, I have over 23 years of experience to help guide you through the process. If you are an heir or beneficiary of an estate who is unhappy with how the probate process is going, I can also assist.

Whether it is a small estate with less than $150,000 in personal property and less than $20,000 in real property or a much larger estate with substantial assets, I carry over 23 years of experience to help make arrangements that fit individual circumstances.

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I encourage you to contact me at 714-912-9294 or online to discuss your probate or estate administration matters in a free, no-obligation consultation. I offer personalized, one-on-one guidance. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. I also accept credit cards.

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